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We want people to feel comfortable with the financial decisions they make. We will educate and communicate to our clients, giving them confidence in our abilities to serve them

Investment Loans

We can guide you personally through the entire process, making sure your property investment loan is tailored to your individual requirements.
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Self-Managed Superfund

We believe strongly that fully understanding and having control over your investment decisions is the key to a successful financial strategy.
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Personal Insurance

Along with your investments, insurance is an essential component of any successful wealth building strategy.
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Property Development

While most lenders offer construction loans, it is extremely important that your loan is with the right lender for the type of property.
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We provide a wide range of financial solutions in Adelaide

We will talk your language and will understand your requirements. We do things as they should be done. Fidelis simply means ‘Trustworthiness’ and ‘Loyalty’. We build relationships based on very strong professional morals and values.

Home and Property Development Loans, Self-Managed Superfund Loans, Refinance, Insurance and Commercial Finance
Fidelis Financial Adelaide

Business Partners

Home Loans

Fidelis Financial provides a range of mortgage broking services for all types of property including home loans, investment property solutions, commercial mortgages, development funding and Self-Managed Superfunds.

With so many options available, choosing the right lender, product and structure can be difficult and time-consuming -Fidelis Financial can help.

With access to over 30 lenders we have a massive range of loan options available to you.

Our independent recommendations are based on your individual situation and preferences and we are not driven by commissions or quick sales.

Commercial Finance

Fidelis Financial can act as your “private banker”. This means that not only can we arrange all your personal finance; we can arrange your commercial finance as well.
Our Key specialised areas are:

  • Business Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Commercial Property
  • Private Funding

Fidelis Financial commercial specialists can help you with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, purchase or refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices.

Personal Insurance

Along with your investments, insurance is an essential component of any successful wealth building strategy. More importantly, it ensures that you and your family will be looked after in the event of serious illness, accident or death.

The key thing we need to do is ensure that the policies are held in such a way that you and your family are looked after.

Considerations may include your children, parents, schooling, house, holidays, investments and retirement. Ensuring you and your family are adequately protected can be difficult. At Fidelis Financial we help make it easier by providing the right protection at the right time.