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Welcome to Fidelis Financial Solutions!

We are very happy to have you on our team. As part of the onboarding process, we have put together a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions for navigating various tasks and procedures within our organization. By following these instructions, you will gain insight into our internal workflows and protocols, ensuring efficient and effective execution of your responsibilities.

Whether you're a new team member looking to familiarize yourself with our processes or a seasoned professional seeking a refresher, this booklet serves as a valuable resource for optimizing productivity and maintaining consistency across our operations.

We encourage you to utilize this guide as a reference tool to enhance your understanding of Fidelis Financial's internal procedures.

Get Familiar With The Systems That We Use at Fidelis Financial

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At Fidelis Financial Solutions, we use Connective as our aggregator, and their CRM, Mercury (MERC), is the platform through which all applications are generated. Upon joining our team, you'll receive a Mercury ID, also known as your "CA number," and you'll be able to set up your password for access. Click HERE to learn more.


Broker Engine

Another important system we rely on is called Broker Engine (BE). This platform monitors all our workflows. It's essential that we set up your profile in BE as well. Click HERE to learn more.

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Here at Fidelis Financial Solutions, we rely on Slack for quick and effective communication, offering a convenient alternative to phone calls. You will need to create your login details, and you will be ready to go. Click HERE to learn more.

Get Familiar With Our Process

Make sure you have access to Mercury and Broker Engine before you continue reading this guide. If you do not have access to any of these platforms, please contact your supervisor for assistance. 

1. Broker-Client Conversation

The workflow starts when a new lead is created by the broker by submitting the initial deal notes. See below the step-by-step guide.

2. Broker: Send the Link to the Client Centre/Fact Find via Mercury

After conducting the initial interview, it's time to send your Credit Guide, along with the link to the client center and the needs analysis questionnaire to the clients. This step is completed through our CRM in Mercury. Please see below the step-by-step guide.

3. Broker: Send Request for Supporting Documents via Finance Vault.

Now is the time to send the request for supporting documents to the clients. This step is done via Broker Engine.

4. Broker: Monitor Fact Find & Finance Vault and Mark the Task as Done.

At this stage, the broker will monitor client's submission of the client centre + the supporting documents and instruct support to start cross-checking the documents.

5. Support: Review and Approve the Supporting Documents

All requests have been forwarded to the client by the broker. Now, it's time to monitor client's submission and review the supporting documents requested. This stage is critical as certain documents have a short expiration periods, and without them, the process cannot proceed.

6. Processor: Complete the Validation Call Stage

Supporting documents reviewed and Client Centre filled out by the clients. Now is the time to conduct the validation call and start prepping for the Preliminary Research.

7. Preliminary Research & Broker Advice/Sign Off

Validation Call has been completed. This is the stage to conduct the preliminary research. Broker Sign off at the end of this stage.

8. Processor & Support: Prepare for Submission

9. Deal Lodged (AIP to Formal Approval)

10. Formal Approval (to Loan Documents Issued)

11. Loan Documents (Issued, Signed, Returned the Bank)

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