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Valuation Report

If you are seriously looking to buy a property and pay the right price for it, RP Data reports are possibly one of the best tools you will have at hand.

We offer the reports to our clients and prospective clients whenever they are in the process of buying real estate. It is an amazing piece of information and you definitely can not go without.  And it is FREE to our clients.

It may sound like a selling spiel but this is definately not. We use the reports ourselves whenever we are in the market. You can save a dollar or even thousands of dollars, literally.

The best of all, we pay the right price everytime!

You will now be armed with some important tools to make informed purchase decisions!

For your own information and piece of mind we have created a generic set of reports so you know what you will get once you complete our enquiry form belo and meet with one of our advisers.

We will discuss your specific requirements and locations. Let us interact with you and assist where ever we can.

 The report features:

  • Estimated Property Value;
  • Cadastral and aerial mapping of your property;
  • A handy comparison of your local property market including those for sale and those who have sold;
  • A list of local points of interest; schools, ambulance, police, hospitals, etc.;
  • A detailed overview of median house prices (house and units)
  • Historical sales on your street and surroundings.

In short, the RP Data reports will allow you to better understand your local market.

This will allow you to base your decisions on facts and not hearsay which in turn will likely increase your bottom-line profits. With this tool alone if you are Buying, Selling or Refinancing you can Gain a Competitive Edge.

Call us on 1300 764 247 and speak with one of our finance advisers.