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Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Loans

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Investing through a Self-Managed Super Fund can open new doors and fast track your financial path to retirement

Send us an email at finance@fidelisfinancial.com.au to request our “Step by Step Guide to Property Investment Inside SMSF”. The guide will assist you from setting up your SMSF to purchasing your first SMSF Investment property.

We work hard to help our subscribers and clients think and plan ahead and are continually looking out for opportunities to support your super and investment goals! We believe strongly that fully understanding and having control over your investment decisions is the key to a successful financial strategy.

Major Benefits:

  • Use your current superannuation balance as a deposit
  • Use your superannuation contributions to service the loan. This not only includes your employer contributions, but your salary-sacrificed contributions, effectively giving you a tax deduction for the whole repayment, not just the interest
  • Concessional tax rate on income in superannuation of 15%, and zero in pension phase means you can use your tax savings to claim ownership of your property much sooner
  • Concessional rate of capital gains tax in superannuation of 10%, and can be zero once you have started a pension. This represents a great way to purchase a future holiday home, as you also significantly reduce any unrealised capital gains tax liabilities.

No other investment structure can offer you the ability to invest and pay very little tax (if any).

The basics of a Self-Managed Superfund

A Self-Managed Super Fund (or simply SMSF) is a special type of trust that people can set up to manage their own superannuation. Like a normal super fund, your employer contributions get paid into the fund and you can make additional contributions as you can, or want to. Unlike a normal super fund, you (or the trustee) have direct control over the assets that your superannuation invests in.

Self-Managed Super Fund loans or SMSF loans can be used to purchase property including residential and commercial.

When you talk to a Fidelis Financial Adviser you can feel confident and safe knowing that the SMSF solutions available from our professional panel of lenders are carefully compared against your finance needs and future plans to find the best option.

The steps to your first investment:

  1. Establish or review your Self-Managed Super Fund
  2. Obtain a loan pre-approval
  3. Set up a company to be the trustee for the Bare Trust
  4. Find the property and sign the contract of sale
  5. Establish the Property Trust Deed (Bare Trust)
  6. Engage your Solicitor/Conveyancer to review purchase documents
  7. Loan documents issued and signed for settlement

How much can you borrow?

Most lenders will lend up to 80% LVR.

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