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 In the past, most Australians’ approach to property was to buy their own home or investment property, then wait patiently (or impatiently!) for capital growth. However, with today’s property cycle taking longer to generate growth and equity, many investors are now actively pursuing alternative strategies for higher returns.

 The current market offers investors the opportunity to avoid full retail price by focusing on small property developments.   Perhaps you hadn’t thought of yourself before as a property developer? It isn’t just for the big boys now…

Mums and Dads all over Australia are doing it successfully!

5 great reasons to get into property development:

  • Profits are predictable
  • Avoid paying the retai price!
  • Safely make higher than average returns
  • Buy a development site at an affordable price in metro Adelaide
  • Add value by building two or more properties
  • Borrow against this equity for more developments – benefit from the power of leveraging! 

In the Adelaide market, the opportunity is attractive for both locals wanting to get into property development and for investors paying millions in other Australian centres for houses, flats or small blocks of units – when they could be multiplying their wealth via safe and predictable small property developments.

Adelaide’s property development market features larger blocks in closer proximity to the city centre. In what other Australian capital city could you find development blocks just kilometres from the CBD – and still pay under 400k? In most cases, even less!

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If it all sounds too hard and you don’t know where to even start, Fidelis Financial provides a stress-free introduction to the property development market for first-time developers.  How we can support you:

  • Finance pre-approval and Site Acquisition
  • Comprehensive and detailed Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Design and Council Approvals
  • Land Divisions and unbiased Construction Quotes
  • Construction Project Management and Sales or Property Management
  • Only pay for achieved milestones!

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