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Low Documentation Home Loan or ‘low doc’ loans are popular with many self-employed people who either do not have tax returns completed at the time they need finance, or their historical income does not give a true reflection of their current income.

We have found that most self-employed business owners are very savvy business people and understand tax planning well. 

Most banking institutions offer some form of a low doc product and there is a massive difference between the information each lender requires. Our advisers understand and will interact with suitable lenders to assist you with your finance requirements.  Tell us where you stand and we will find a loan to suit your requirements. Below are some of the features we have found useful to our low-doc clients:

  • Unlimited adverse credit (paid or unpaid) when registered 36 months prior to application
  • Child support and Family A&B benefits accepted with no age restrictions
  • Unlimited cash out up to 70% for acceptable business purposes including Pay-out ATO debts, Working Capital and Purchase of Business Equipment.
  • Borrower Self-Declaration
  • 6-12 month registered ABN

A Fidelis Financial adviser will always take the time to fully understand your financial position to ensure that when we prepare your loan submission, any potential questions the lender’s credit team may have are already addressed in the original application.
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