New Migrant Policy

Are you saving up to purchase your first home or to invest?

Are you a temporary resident of Australia, or are you overseas and planning to work in Australia for over 12 months? As a holder of a temporary visa you can apply for and be approved for a mortgage.

If I Qualify For A Loan How Much Can I Borrow?

To qualify you need to hold a Temporary Australian Visa. The size of your temporary resident mortgage will depend on the kind of visa you have, your relationship status and how long you have been employed in the country.

To be considered for a 95% loan, you must be married to an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident and on a Spouse Visa / Partner Visa or on an Interdependency Visa.

To apply for 90% of the property value you must be working in Australia for over 12 months. We work with over 40 different banks and lenders, one of which is willing to consider a loan this large.

The new policy applies for Home Loan, Investment Property Loan and/or Home Equity Loan.

This is unprecedented in the market place!

Visa Types

  • Permanent:100,103,115,116,120,121,124,132,143,155,157,176,186,187,189,190,200,201,203,204,857, 888
  • Temporary:159,160,161,162,163,164,165,188,300,302,309,310,401,402,403,405,411,415,416,420, 423,428,457,461,475,476,487,489,820

Visa Expire date must be 12 months or greater at time of application

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