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Fidelis Financial has a range of options for business looking to secure equipment finance.

By selecting the right finance package from a wide range of major business equipment lenders, Fidelis Financial can structure your Lease or HP/Chattel Mortgage to maximise your tax deductions and save you interest.

Structuring your payments to match the seasonality of your business will help improve cash flow at critical times.

You can trust Fidelis Financial to work in conjunction with your accountant to achieve the optimum package for the requirements of your business.

If you are unsure what the most suitable product is for your requirements, just ask us and we will be happy to go through options with you. Some equipment finance choices available are:

  • Chattel mortgage
  • Commercial hire purchase (CHP)
  • Business Equipment lease
  • Fully maintained equipment lease
  • Rentals
  • Low Doc Loans – Non Conforming

We have an extensive panel of lenders to match the requirements of your business.
Contact us today on 1300 764 247 to arrange business equipment finance with the most favourable terms, structure and rates for your requirements.