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South Australian-based Fidelis Financial Solutions was founded by highly experienced finance advisor Andre Garcia, who works hard to help his clients succeed. Andre provides services across all Australian states and territories. At his blog www.fidelisfinancial.com.au/blog Andre is currently writing a series of articles on “Driving your life to financial freedom” looking professionally into various important aspects of our lives, including investments and money psychology. Andre’s blog aims to educate Australians on how to

  • think for themselves financially
  • create their own financial paths
  • aim high; and
  • reach financial and life success.

Our main objective is to educate our clients and share our tools and knowledge, ensuring that your decisions are always the most informed and accurate that they can be. Fidelis simply means ‘Trustworthiness’ and ‘Loyalty’ and accordingly we listen carefully, share our knowledge and build relationships based on very strong professional morals and values. We talk your language, understand your financial requirements and can simplify and provide solutions for your challenges.

Fidelis Financial is mortgage broker only and does upfront payment fees. All of our fees and commissions are paid by the lender we recommend. A full commission disclosure statement is provided to clients upon signing the loan application. We do not have a renewal policy. Fidelis Financial operates in compliance with State and Local regulations.

We are a member of Mortgage and Finance Assocation of Australia (MFAA)


Andre is Director at Fidelis Financial and one of the key founders of the business (Credit Representative of Australian Credit Licence Number 389328). His core values are expressed through his strong work ethic and the value that he places on your satisfaction as a customer.

With his Business Management (Finance and International Business) studies at the University of Sydney paired with his industry experience, Andre is well informed on what financial solutions best and most efficiently meet his clients’ needs.

Andre’s passion for wealth education and a clear focus on each client’s objectives is what he stands for. He goes beyond simply processing financial arrangements and loans to assisting clients in their financial journey while sharing his experience and resources, one client at a time.

 Andre Garcia
Director – Fidelis Financial Solutions

Contact Andre:

Mobile: 0401 594 784
Email – andre@fidelisfinancial.com.au